VIN Decoding

VIN Decoding

We utilize ChromeData, who has been the leader in vehicle descriptive data for over 25 years. This provides unsurpassed breadth and depth, covering almost all domestic and foreign vehicles. You're also able to drill down into as much (or as little) descriptive detail as you need.

Unparalleled breadth means that you'll have descriptive information for virtually any domestic or foreign vehicle. We regularly track over 40 vehicle makes, from exotic makes like Jaguar and Ferrari to more common makes such as GM, Isuzu, and Ford. We consider our core area of expertise to be the entire scope of automotive data, which means we keep archives of new vehicle data that goes back to our early days so we can better collect, clarify, and catalog what will come out in the future.

Unparalleled depth means you'll be able to go into as much or as little detail as you need. On one end of the spectrum, we can provide a data product that lists only the vehicle name, or, on the other end, we can supply every price point, technical specification and ordering rule. We can supply critical information like engine size, type and fuel, as well as esoteric information like the number of cup holders and full list of available interior and exterior colors, completely with their ordering codes!


  • Basic version for pared-down vehicle information
  • Full version for basic data plus comprehensive content
  • The highest standard in the industry for accuracy and timeliness
  • All standard and optional equipment
  • Available option logic decodes the mystery of option compatibility
  • Customizable data parameters
  • Data coverage for US and Canadian models
  • Translations available in English or Spanish

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